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Access Panda v1.1 is a CGI script that generates fast, pretty graphs from the data in web site log files. It can graph usage by hour, day, week, or month, and displays the top pages, machines, and top-level domains.
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Access Panda has been designed to look pleasing and to be both easy to install and to use, so it does not require any graphics packages, UNIX shell commands, or programming knowledge, whatsoever. All you need is a web browser and permission to run CGI scripts on a web server.

Access Panda is free for internal use, and is always free for use by academic institutions and the United States government.

While Access Panda requires no modification to be used for everyday log file analysis, it can be heavily customized by a simple 'options' page available via a single button click.

Before You Download

Access Panda is a CGI script written in Perl 5.0 under FreeBSD, though it should run on most modern operating systems. Its output has been formatted to look nicest in Netscape Navigator, though it should display correctly in any web browser. It is tuned for a web server that serves hundreds of domains, but it should work just as well on a web server which serves only one.

Access Panda requires, a Perl library for CGI scripting.

You must read the installation instructions (care and feeding) and license agreement before use. Mail Big Panda House if you have comments or suggestions.


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